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On The Beach by angelbabiau On The Beach by angelbabiau
This is my son Jack.... I have 5 children in all, each special in their own way...but Jack is the one who on a daily basis brings out all of my emotions, good and bad.

He is Autistic

He is the reason I live.....
tumasch Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2007
This sounds as if it's very challenging sometimes. But as you write it's also rewarding and you get a lot back for the little extra of attention he probably needs as it seems. I think it's important that people apprehend autism correctly; that autistic children can't express themselves just the way "normal"/talking people do. They just have their own way of expression, but with five children you know that every child has a very strong mind anyway. My elder son does the same things over and over again even though he has been told not to do so a lot of Or do you consider Jack very different from your other four?
angelbabiau Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2007
He isn't all that different when I think about it...He is almost 7 but gets along best with our 2 and a half year probably because he isn't treated differently by him ) They both get up to the same kinds of mischief these days. I joke to my husband that Autism is the next phase in evolution for mankind...with 1 in 122 births these days ending up with some form of Autism...imagine that? I have also realized over the past few years while researching Autism that there is a direct link between my Father, Myself and Jack....Dad has an amazing mind...highly intelligent but emotionally detached most of the time and very is building a submersible on a little Island at the moment and I have faith in his abilities) Me : I've only realized the past couple of years that I have ADD, but not the hyperactive kind. It's like having writers block in every aspect of my life but I'm getting there now that I understand myself a little better, I can't read instructions, can't follow maps etc...I can only learn by "DOING" things...LOL. Seeing all this has helped alot in understanding Jack....I'm always explaining for him when I know he has been taken the wrong way...

Sorry that was so :wave:
tumasch Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2007
Don't you worry about long texts, I'm used to reading a lot and my English is sufficient enough to get the words (okay, had to look up "submersible", though).
The question I always have when people talk about Autism is, where does it start? Just because you mentioned the frightening number of 1:122 births "ending up" in Autism. That kind of surprised me. Our best friends' elder son is four and hanretreats into his shell very quickly and doesn't fend when someone says something to him. Sometimes he is the other way round, screaming or laughing around. Is this also a kind of Autism? A psychologist said yes. Okay, it has got a lot better over the last months. And considering it, I must say that in certain aspects I was the same. But I mustn't mix up extreme shyness with Autism, now, must I...
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